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Matthew S LaCrosse, the founder of and, joined to Howdoo team. He will be heading up the digital marketing efforts at Howdoo and focusing on building out Howdoo partnership program.


Howdoo has decided to end its token sale an entire month early, the end date will be June 12th, 2018.
Howdoo has therefore lowered their hard cap from $25.5M to $8.5M.

Please note that 60% of Howdoo’s hard cap has already been raised, so the available token supply is very limited.

Howdoo team is no longer building a dapp off of Ethereum.

So, after much deliberation with Howdoo tech team, they have already started creating their own custom blockchain which will be a fork off of EOS.

If you want to get in at the $0.08 token price (20% off from $0.10), then you must get in before June 2nd.

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